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You Want To Stop Yelling and Become A More Calm And Patient Parent

“Loving these talks so much!!! I wish I could just inhale all of it.”

“I have loved listening to the talks so much! I got immediate access to everything when I purchased it. I never thought I needed self compassion and just wanted to move to the juicy stuff but after listening to some of the talks I think it’s what I need most!”- Mom of 2

Learn how being self-compassionate during tough parenting moments enables you to show up as the best parent for your child


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These are the speakers of the Delight in Parenting Summit©

Dajana Yoakley
Delight in Parenting

Dr. Laura Markham
Aha! Parenting

Dr. Lawrence Cohen
Playful Parenting

Julie King
How to Talk When Kids Won’t Listen

Reggie Hubbard
Active Peace Yoga

Dr. Shoshana Bennett 
Parental Mental Health

Tosha Schore
Parenting Boys Peacefully

Susan Kaiser Greenland
Mindful Child

Dr. Christopher Willard 
Growing Up Mindful

Emilie Delworth
The Peaceful Mother

Lisa Jean-Francois
Consciously Lisa

Dr. Susan Pollak
Self-Compassion for Parents

Debbie Steinberg Kuntz
Bright & Quirky

Sally Arnold
Mindful Compass

Dr. Marcy Axness
Parenting for Peace

Dr. Aliza Pressman
Raising Good Humans

Dr. Elisha Goldstein
Mindful Living Collective

Sonali Vongchusiri
Forward Together Parenting

Lisa Baylis
Self-Compassion for Educators

Tania Johnson
Institute of Child Psychology

Jessica Joelle Alexander
The Danish Way of Parenting

Lori Petro
Teach Through Love

Sarah Ezrin
The Yoga of Parenting

Laura Linn Knight
Break Free from Reactive Parenting

Amy Nesbitt
Whole Wellness Mama

Dayna Abraham
Calm The Chaos

Karina Mackenzie
Find Your True North

Dr. Nina Kaiser
Mental Health for Parents & Kids

Dr. Sarah McKay
Baby Brain

Marta Khader
No Perfect Parents

Debbie Reber
Tilt Parenting

Sheila McCraith
The Orange Rhino

Gabriela Blanco
Healing Parents

Vivek Patel
Meaningful Ideas

Stephanie Pinto
From Chaos to Connection

Suzanne Tucker
Generation Mindful

Trish Wilkinson
Brain Stages

Dr. Laura Froyen
The Balanced Parent

Ned Johnson
The Self-Driven Child

Dr. Lauren Todd
Mindful Compassion

Sarah Rosensweet
Reimagine Peaceful Parenting

Mr. Chazz
Breaking Generational Cycles

Jennifer Anderson
Kids Eat in Color

Leslie Richardson
Connection & Compassion As We Parent

Jennifer Kolari
Connected Parenting

Michael Danzansky 
The Resourced Human

Beth Sandweiss
Mindful Self-Compassion

Kristin Maríella
Respectful Mom

Jamie Lynn Tatera
Self-Compassion for Children & Caregivers

Tracy Gillett
Raised Good

You’re worried that your inability to stay calm, patient and compassionate is damaging your relationship with your child

❌ Do you find it challenging to stay calm and patient when your child doesn’t cooperate with your request?

❌ Do you often feel overwhelmed by your emotions when situations get tense?


❌ Do you struggle to set boundaries and say “no” to your child without feeling guilty?

❌ Are you frequently self-critical and feel like you’re failing as a parent?

❌ Do you find it difficult to prioritize self-care while taking care of your child’s needs?


❌ Are you constantly comparing yourself to the “perfect” parent and feeling inadequate?

❌ Do you have trouble managing your own stress and not letting it affect your interactions with your child?

❌ Are you unsure how to handle conflicts and discipline with your child in a compassionate and effective way?

❌ Do you feel guilty for taking time for yourself or pursuing your own interests outside of parenting?


❌ Are you struggling to find a balance between being nurturing and setting appropriate limits for your child?

Then the Delight in Parenting Summit© is for you.


Get immediate access to a game-changing self-regulation resource that supports you during tough parenting moments so you can show up as the best parent that you can be for your child

At The End Of This Summit You Will:

✅ Recognize the struggles of parenting and discover the transformative power of self-compassion to navigate them with kindness and understanding.

✅ Overcome the challenges of balancing parenting responsibilities and personal well-being by embracing practical self-compassion strategies that prioritize self-care.

✅ Address feelings of guilt, self-judgment, and burnout with empathetic tools and solutions, fostering emotional well-being and resilience.

✅ Deepen the connection with your child through effective communication techniques that promote empathy, understanding, and a strong parent-child bond.

✅ Embrace self-compassion as a guiding principle to respond to parenting experiences with gentleness, acceptance, and self-kindness.

✅ Nurture and strengthen your parent-child relationship by integrating self-compassionate practices into your daily interactions, creating a safe and loving environment.

✅ Acknowledge the importance of self-care as an essential component of effective parenting, and discover transformative strategies to prioritize your own well-being.

✅ Enhance family dynamics by fostering open dialogue, active listening, and constructive problem-solving, fostering harmony and understanding.

✅ Cultivate self-acceptance and set realistic expectations as a parent, embracing your unique journey and learning from challenges along the way.

✅ Create a supportive and nurturing atmosphere that promotes your child’s growth and well-being, guided by self-compassion and empathy as transformative cornerstones.

Exclusive Speaker Bonuses:

Here’s what’s included

Is This Summit for You?

Are you facing the challenges of balancing parenting responsibilities with self-care? Discover practical self-compassion strategies that prioritize your well-being.

Do feelings of guilt, self-judgment, and burnout weigh you down as a parent? Explore empathetic tools and solutions to foster emotional well-being and resilience.

Are you seeking to deepen the connection with your child? Learn effective communication techniques that promote empathy, understanding, and a strong parent-child bond.

How can you respond to parenting experiences with gentleness and self-kindness? Embrace self-compassion as a guiding principle in your parenting journey.

Looking to nurture and strengthen your parent-child relationship? Integrate self-compassionate practices into your daily interactions, creating a safe and loving environment.

Recognize self-care as an essential component of effective parenting. Discover transformative strategies to prioritize your own well-being.

Want to enhance family dynamics and promote harmony? Foster open dialogue, active listening, and constructive problem-solving.

How can you cultivate self-acceptance and set realistic expectations as a parent? Embrace your unique journey and learn from challenges along the way.

Are you aiming to create a supportive and nurturing atmosphere for your child’s growth and well-being? Let self-compassion and empathy be your transformative cornerstones.


 (Normally $147)

(Only $97)

Why do I need the VIP Pass?

Imagine if you wanted to attend a conference in another city or country, what would that entail?

You would have to travel to the event, in addition to purchasing your pass, of course.

It would be important to consider expenses for transportation, food, etc.

The difference here is that you can attend the event without leaving your home.

You’ll be able to watch all the content of the Summit from wherever you are, and the investment is really low considering the abundance of content you’ll receive.

You’ll have ongoing and immediate access, and you can start taking action on what you learn from today.

How do you want to close out your 2023? Allow us to accompany you on this life transformation that you’ll experience starting today.

7 Days

50 Speakers

Thousands of Attendees


Hey there, I’m Dajana Yoakley, and I’m on a mission to bring more peace and connection into your parenting journey. Through the power of research-backed self-compassion, I’ll guide you in finding that inner balance, allowing you to truly connect with and guide your child towards a more peaceful path.

I proudly wear the hats of a certified Peaceful Parenting Coach and a certified Parenting Educator, having had the honor of training directly under the guidance of Dr. Laura Markham and Dr. Lawrence Cohen. With over a decade of experience in the world of corporate leadership, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative influence of relationships, especially in the realm of parenting.

As the heart behind Delight in Parenting, I’m here to arm you with the strategies and tools needed to forge a relationship with your child built on respect, peace, and love. Whether it’s learning the art of effective communication or nurturing self-compassion to be your best self in those tough parenting moments, I’ve got your back.

I’m not just a coach, I’m a proud mom of three amazing kiddos, ages 11, 8, and 4. Trust me, I get the challenges of parenting all too well. I understand the journey from feeling overwhelmed to finding that place of calm and peace. With a Master’s Degree from the University of Florida and the privilege of assisting Dr. Laura Markham, I’m here to support you every step of the way.

Come, join me on this adventure. Let’s bridge the gap between the parent you want to be and the one you’re becoming. Discover more about me and my work at Delight in Parenting.

This is a little of what you will find

inside the Summit:

 (Normally $147)

(Only $97)


When is this event?

This event starts on Monday, October 23, 2023 and is a 7 day virtual event through October 29th, 2023.  You can join the Facebook community right now by clicking the link here: 

How can I be sure that this summit will really help me in my parenting?

We understand that there are many options available in the market, and it can be challenging to choose the best one. However, our self-compassionate parenting summit is based on the latest research on how we can rewrite our adult brains for more calm and less stress using the power of self-compassion. Additionally, you will have the wisdom and expertise of parenting experts and professionals who will share practical strategies and proven tools to help you cultivate self-compassion and nurture a more peaceful and fulfilling parenting experience. If other self-regulation tools have failed to support you in becomig the calm and patient parent you want to be, it’s time to do something different.  

Is there a fee or cost associated with participating in the virtual summit?

No, the virtual summit is free for you to watch.  Each day’s recordings will be available for 24 hours before they expire to make room for the next day’s recordings.  If you would like to purchase lifetime access to any and all the recordings, please see the section on the VIP pass upgrade.

Will there be opportunities for interactive participation and asking questions during the sessions?

While you are unable to ask the speaker questions during their interview, some of the speakers may be available for questions in the chat section of that day’s presentations.  Be sure to also check out the Facebook page for the summit to engage with speakers that choose to participate on there as well.  Lastly, there will be several LIVE social media conversations with speakers where you can participate live! 

What if I can't watch the videos live during the week of the summit?

All of the interviews are pre-recorded and are available for 24 hours for you to watch with your free ticket.  However, if you’re not able to attend live, go ahead and grab your free ticket and you can upgrade to the VIP Pass for ongoing access to all the interviews including video, audio only, transcripts, and other speaker bonuses.

Are the interviews accessible?

Yes, we have worked hard to provide the content in the most accessible way possible.  With the VIP Pass, you get access to the video, audio and transcripts for each speaker interview.  

Will there be any hidden costs or additional sales during the summit?

We want to be transparent with you. Registration for the Delight in Parenting Summit© is free and will give you full access to all sessions and materials during the week of the summit.

There will be no hidden costs or pressure to make additional purchases.

However, you will have the opportunity to purchase the VIP Pass after registering for free. In addition to this, you may hear about courses or programs from our speakers and/or sponsors.

It will be your decision whether you choose to access the summit with your complimentary pass only or if you wish to upgrade and have unlimited access with the VIP pass.

I have additional questions!

If you are still unsure of what to expect, or have a specific question, please go ahead and sign up still, and you’ll get access to the Free Facebook Community for the summit where you’ll likely get your question answered as others are wondering the same thing.  However, if you would like to reach out directly, please feel free to send us an email at:

In Summary

Step into the transformative world of the Delight in Parenting Summit©, where we champion the power of self-compassionate parenting. Together, we’ll shift from struggle to serenity, infusing every day with love and support. Join us in redefining parenthood, cultivating resilient, joyful children through a combination of wisdom and practical tools.


Embrace Self-Compassion: Elevate Your Parenting Journey

Experience the profound shift in your parenting style as self-compassion becomes the cornerstone of your approach. Watch as your relationship with your children blossoms into one of trust, understanding, and mutual growth.

From Struggle to Serenity: Discover the Power of Self-Compassionate Parenting

Leave behind the days of feeling overwhelmed and isolated in your parenting journey. Learn to infuse each day with love, support, and a renewed sense of purpose, guided by the transformative practice of self-compassion.

Redefine Parenthood: Cultivate Resilient, Joyful Children Through Self-Compassion

Uncover the secret to raising children who not only thrive but radiate happiness and resilience. Dive into a journey that liberates both you and your children from the constraints of conventional parenting, opening doors to a future brimming with possibilities.

 (Normally $147)

(Only $97)

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