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Affiliate Program- Affiliate Recruiting Link- Check your email for an email from my address:  Check your SPAM folder as well just in case.




The Summit will take place from October 23 to 29.
The promotion stage of the event will be from October 9 to 22.
The event will continue to be promoted during the week of the same.
On October 30, all interviews will open for another 24 hours.
On October 31, an email will be sent to all participants inviting them to download the gifts that the speakers have created for them.





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The VIP Pass is the “upgrade” of the regular pass.

The regular pass is free and limited. Attendees only have access to each interview for 24 hours, once that time passes access is lost.

The VIP Pass has a cost, that is where you as an affiliate can generate income through this Summit.

This is a product that has high value content, and is sold at a much lower price than it could cost when purchasing a product created with similar content.

It has the content of all the interviews and trainings, including video, audio and transcripts, as well as speaker bonuses that were contributed and access for those who decide to purchase it is unlimited.

You, as an affiliate, can create additional resources if you want to create additional value, for example:
If a person buys their VIP pass with your link, you can give them access to a course, give them an ebook, audio, etc., something that connects directly with them. 




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    Fast Action price: $67 for the first 20 minutes after registration.

    Early Bird: $97 from October 9th to 23rd. Once the fast action price has expired.

    Regular price: $147 from October 24th to October 30th.

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    In this section you will find what I have promised you to make your life easier when it comes to promoting the event.

    – You have the images of the speakers that correspond to each day.

    -Emails: You can copy and paste to send them to your list, simply adjusting basic things like your name when signing.

    – Content for Social Networks: From the Copy to the images for Instagram, the feed, etc.

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    To download the images simply right click and select save as.   On Social Media, please use hashtags:  #DELIGHTINPARENTING #SELF-COMPASSIONATEPARENTINGSUMMIT #DELIGHTINPARENTINGSUMMIT











     Title Ideas:

    1- Do you want to become the calm and patient parent you aspire to be, leaving yelling behind for good?

    2- Will You Join Us? The secret to staying calm during stressful times in parenting! 

    3- The Self-Compassionate Parenting Summit is here! FREE TICKET INSIDE!

    4- Do you want to finally master self-regulation like a peaceful parent? Open this, I have an invitation for you.

    5- Your personal invitation: 50 Expert conversations on self-compassion as the antidote to parenting triggers & overwhelm

    6- Unlock the power of self-compassion in staying calm and patient 🙌🏻

    7- Your invitation to the Self-Compassionate Parenting Summit- OPEN THIS 

    8- A gift of inspiration and transformation awaits you! [Your Free Pass] 


    Option 1:

    Hey [Name],

    I wanted to share some incredibly exciting news with you! A dear friend of mine, Dajana Yoakley, has been hard at work organizing a Virtual Summit focused on self-compassion in parenting. The event is set to be a game-changer, and I’m thrilled to be part of it.

    Starting from October 23rd, the “Self-Compassionate Parenting: Research Based Methods to Peaceful Parenting” summit will feature a lineup of 50 speakers, each delving into crucial topics that can revolutionize your parenting approach:

    • Embrace the nurturing power of the latest research and scientific wisdom on “self-compassion” to enrich your journey as a mindful and present parent.

    • Cultivate gentle, self-compassionate practices that will guide you to stop yelling and become a peaceful parent.

    • Discover a path that leads to something even more beautiful than the idea of being a “perfect parent” – a journey filled with warmth, love, and a deep sense of fulfillment.

    • Let go of the burden of guilt that sometimes accompanies the inevitable mistakes of parenting. You’re not alone in this; it’s all part of the shared adventure of parenthood. Embrace a kinder view of yourself.

    • Explore heartfelt approaches to repair and strengthen the precious bond between you and your child, turning moments of tension into opportunities for growth and closeness.

    • Lean into the incredible strength and support found within a community of like-minded parents. Together, we can create a nurturing space for you to flourish and be the wonderful parent you’re meant to be.

    As a valued affiliate, I’m extending an exclusive invitation for you to register for this event. It’s a fantastic opportunity to gain insights and tools that can truly transform your parenting journey.

    You can secure your complimentary pass by clicking [YOUR AFFILIATE LINK].

    I encourage you to commit to attending each of the interviews during this 7-day event. The potential for positive change in your life is immense if you choose to listen and apply what you learn.

    For more information and to register, simply click here: [YOUR AFFILIATE LINK].

    I can’t wait to see you at the Summit!

    Warm regards,

    [Your Name]


    Option 2: 

    Hello [Name]!

    Have you wondered how to effectively stop yelling, and become a more calm, loving, and patient parent?

    As parents, we want our kids to remember their childhoods filled with laughter, delight and connection in our family but I believe one thing is true:

    We can only give our kids what we have inside.

    In the end…where’s the reward in parenting if it’s all overwhelm and stress 24/7? I believe that our presence, connection, and delight in our children is only as deep as our presence, connection, and delight in ourselves FIRST.  

    And speaking of these topics, I want to extend to you a special invitation, since my friend Dajana Yoakley is organizing the Self-Compassionate Parenting: Research Based Methods to Peaceful Parenting Virtual Summit, where 50 handpicked experts will be talking about topics related to peaceful parenting and self-compassion.

    I am participating in this summit as an affiliate and can’t wait to see the interviews myself.

    If this is a topic that interests you and that you need in your life, I want to invite you to register by clicking here [YOUR AFFILIATE LINK].

    We want you to be able to discover the power of self-compassion and live it day by day so that you can find fulfillment in your child and parenting.

    Register for the Summit by clicking here [YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]


    PS In case you have not read the entire email, I invited you to register for the Self-Compassionate Parenting: Research Based Methods to Peaceful Parenting Summit, it is an event that will take place from October 23 to 29 and registration is now open. Get your courtesy pass by clicking here.


    Option 3: 

    Hello [Name]!

    Today I write to you briefly with a special invitation to the Self-Compassionate Parenting: Research Based Methods to Peaceful Parenting Summit, it will be an event where the theme is: mindful parenting & caregiving, self-compassion as an antidote to overwhelm, repair and reconnection with your child, and much more!

    50 speakers will be participating in the event and I have had the opportunity to be one of them.

    So sign up at the following link: [YOUR AFFILIATE LINK] 

    The Summit begins on October 23 and will last 7 days. See the link for details!

    I hope to see you there!


    PS Get your free pass by clicking here [YOUR AFFILIATE LINK] and make sure to save it on your calendar, so you don’t forget.




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    Register to the Delight in Parenting Summit 2023

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